KiNativ™ Applications

Drug Development Process

Determine relative & absolute KiNativ™ IC50/Kd values to accurately assess off-target risks

  • High correlation between KiNativ™ results and in vivo efficacy enables an elevated level of decision making compared to recombinant kinase assays
  • Eliminate wasted efforts on false positives (both on- or off-target hits)

Generate SAR for all kinases found in your cellular or animal efficacy model

  • Focus on the kinases that really matter in your system
  • Directly correlate target binding with biological outcome to confirm mechanism of action


Ex vivo profiling of treated live
cells or tissues from treated animals

  • Verify target engagement in tissue of interest (pharmacodynamic studies)
  • Determine mechanism of action and/or toxicity
  • Identify primary and secondary effects of compound treatment
  • Discover clinical biomarkers from biopsy or blood samples