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Rapid, fee-for-service screening against all native kinases in established cell line and tissue panels

  • Extensive coverage of both protein kinases and lipid kinases
  • Human, rat, and mouse cell line and tissue panels available
    • Cell Lines: PC3, HL60, HeLa, A375, HUH7, Jurkat, A549, DU145, MDA-MB-231, THP-1, Ramos, HCT-116, PANC1
    • Human Tissues: PBMC
    • Rat Tissues: PBMC, Brain
    • Mouse Tissues: Liver, Muscle, Spleen, Brain
    • Additional panels are currently under development

Custom projects in any cell line or tissue, from any species

  • Comprehensive coverage of all kinases in your system of interest
  • Directly measure on- and off-target potency in your cellular or animal model

Ex vivo profiling of treated cells or animal tissues

  • Seamless transition from lysate binding studies to live animal or cell treatments
  • Extensive experience with human, dog, rat, and mouse tissues
  • Validated methodologies for soluble and membrane proteins
  • Virtually no tissue restrictions

Direct binding assay allows interrogation of both type I and type II kinase inhibitors

Comprehensive non-kinase nucleotide binding protein panels also available (heat shock proteins, ABC transporters, etc)

Rapid turn-around (~2 weeks for standard profiling) and cost competitive with recombinant kinase assays

Probes available from Thermo Scientific

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